To Be Soft

everything has beauty


To Be Soft

Am I wrong to be soft in a world so bleak?
Where life goes on with wolves as sheep
Where knives are hidden, painted red
And dreams collapse beside your bed

Am I wrong to be pale in the night so dark?
A luminescence that can never find a way to start
Brand new

Am I wrong to seek safety in all of your home?
To seek to find a light I could call my own
The night overwhelms me and I feel it coming again
An ominous cloud of what I could have done instead

Be afraid as I must
From sunset to sun dusk
I go on

Safety has left me
Abandoned to the wind
And I hear my guides telling me
This will soon end
But night goes on
And day draws near
The lights are fading
As soon as they appear

~ Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

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