They Come From The Riptide



maybe it’s what this war has bore in me

that makes the sea cave in

all around me

all around me

but not inside

i am touched

but never reached

and i am done inviting them in

all this love lost beneath my skin


this ice inside of me is where i am trapped

i look outside from in and see no latch

to freedom, to sun, to something else that i could be

i wonder if they are afraid of me?


is it known that i am this heavy burden you fear

come to lock you in with me, my dear?

when is my peace enough

to soften the tides

your great divides

pervade my sighs

and i’m so tired


asleep, you find me exhausted snow

come to cover your bones in heavy ash

i am what you won’t know

come to love your bones with steady match

but the fire never warms my skin

(only theirs)

and i’m never enough nor have i ever been


they come from the riptide

they travel as an army

they look inside

and then they discard me

and it all comes in waves

do they just come to see me cave?

i can’t be

i can’t be

i can’t see

i can’t see

i can’t

i can’t


i can’t.

~ Rebecca Elizabeth Anne



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