The Ocean

ocean legs

I asked the Ocean for advice today. I asked, “What do I have to do to truly understand and experience Oneness?”
She¬†replied, “It is not about what you must do. It is about what you must be. One within yourself. Understand the Oneness in you.”

Later in our discussion (well, more like class. I felt myself a student) she continued, “See the Oneness that you already are. Do not focus on what seems separate. Focus on what is already expressing unity.” She spoke of the lines of separation that I and most other humans carve within ourselves, our energy, our own consciousness. In the vision of my energy field that she sent me, that showed layers or lines, she implied that it is a choice to see one’s emotional pain and traumas as fracture or separation to one’s consciousness. It is better to let that belief go. She is right. “Recognise the Oneness that you are.”

Later, my guides said that at the root of my feeling of not experientially, consistently feeling Oneness is the belief/feeling of ‘not belonging’ that I hold. I feel like I do not belong on this Earth sometimes, this is true. So, in that belief I insert separation between me and ‘the world’, as though it were external from me.

There was a giant arrow someone had drawn into the sand from the sand dunes to the shore line. I walked to the point of it. The sea connected with me then and I to her. She allowed me to experience her. I dropped my consciousness into my heart consciousness, into my soul consciousness and closed my eyes. In the next moment, it felt as though the sounds the Ocean was making were coming from within me. I felt her washing ashore and retreat, her silence and her noise. Her energy. I was her. Moments later there was singing of many voices that were somehow also one voice. She sang in a language I do not know but I know it was old, very old and ancient. I could not believe the Ocean was singing to me. But she did.

As I write this it now just occurs to me that she experienced me too. I wonder what she thought.

Just as I wrote that now, she replied telepathically, “I thought ‘great beauty'”.

Today I am grateful for the Ocean and her merriment, her bliss and her peace, her flow and her grace.

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