The Curative

I will be taking a month break from my social media tulpa. I am taking a break from my work also. If you message me and I don’t reply, I’m just over here detoxing. I still love you very much.
I will leave you with this excerpt from my upcoming book and a photograph of the past.
– Becc

becc luminary polaroid

becc writing
Excerpt from – Untitled ‘Everything in the galaxy of my heart begins and ends as luminous gas.’ © Becc 2017

There’s a frightened part of me that wants to not share that excerpt. Because I am frightened that it’s not okay that I am still ‘the wounded healer’. But. I feel like it’s time for me to accept that it is the wounds in me that cause my light.
So, I thank my wounds for their gift.
I see why I chose them.
And I bow my head to them.

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