“Describing in words what this reading did for me and how I felt doesn’t do it justice, but let’s try. I had a few readings done, but nothing compares to the ones from Becc. I felt an incredible amount of love from each word. Every sentence was speaking right to my soul and gave me exactly what I needed at that specific time. Becc is such a beautiful, pure, shining soul that is perfect for this and putting everything into words. My favourite thing now is to write down few sentences that speaks to me the most and go over them in the morning. You can start your day with soo much love. It also helps me every time I feel alone, lost, unwanted, unloved, without purpose etc. Listening to my intuition and ordering a reading from Becc is something I won’t ever regret as the price cannot be compared to how much it did for me.”
– Petra

“I had a fantastic reading with Becc. I found her insights to be heartfelt and totally sincere. The positive energy she radiates combined with her empathic nature made me feel that she totally ‘got the essence’ of me and the reading was enhanced by this in a very special way. Becc connected me to the angels I feel are around me, and confirmed many insights I had come to realise, therefore giving my confidence a boost which was wonderful and very much needed. Her clear channeled connections to and through her spirit guides is strongly evident and the information flowed in a seamless fashion. I especially admired how when I thought the reading could be over, she insisted to channel me one last message which was so beautiful it made my spirit sing. Becc is talented, authentic,  and beautiful soul. I am looking forward to another reading soon!”
– Carol Carey

“I have had many readings over the years but none have been like the clarity I got when I had a session with Becc for the first time. It is a rare thing to come across someone with so many abilities that is also a great teacher. The thing that I enjoyed most about having sessions with Becc was her ability to receive information from so many different realms and sources and then be able to communicate them in a way that it is understandable and then come up with practical ways to assist with whatever the issue is that you are having. It really was blessing that I came across her and I have found that my sessions with her have been life altering. I would recommend working with her to anyone looking to learn more about themselves and improve their life.”
– Lachlan

“I booked my first Extrasensory Reading with Becc after seeing her photo in the Teal Swan tribe Facebook group. I really connected with her peaceful presence and loved that she was also a young ambitious woman putting herself out there, following her calling. Initially, I didn’t realize how much our sessions together would impact me, my life, my business and my relationships. I’m very thankful to be able to easily book a session with Becc when I need her wisdom most. Particularly in those confusing uncertain times of growth Becc has really helped me better understand myself, my subconscious behaviors and connect with my higher self propelling me forward into making clearer more authentic decisions. Without her I would not be growing into my greatest version as fast as I am. This enables me to help my community of ladies, be a better life and business coach, be a better rounded business professional and person in general. I’m very grateful for Becc’s authenticity and we have developed a great relationship since our consistent readings over the past few months. If you’ve read this far, I really recommend you take a step forward and book a session with Becc she has so much perspective to give and will answer absolutely any question you have. She’s friendly and welcoming so enjoy the experience.”
– Melanie McDowall

“I highly recommend a reading with the very gifted Becc. She is informative, easy to talk with and very accurate. Rebecca is kind and loving which made the reading comfortable and natural. I felt like I was talking with a longtime friend. I left the reading feeling empowered and at peace. Thank you Becc for sharing your gifts with me.”
Melony G

“Thank you so much for the wonderful amazing reading, precious Becc. What a wonderful way for us to get to know one another as well! I was fascinated at how the energy just flowed from you as you connected with my horde of guides lol! Wow! And the messages they sent to me were like love letters reminding me that I am making progress in my work here on Gaia and that I am not lost and unloved.. in fact, I am celebrated! and that I am making an impact.. It was a wonder to hear the words of wolf and the assurances that were given that he is with me when I need him… and yes, I felt his masculine energy around me.. I especially felt my soul menagerie’s joy and love that they were able to communicate with me and will work on making contact with them directly because as you say, they are with me all the time and not all my thoughts are just mine, my soul guides are sending me messages all the time and want me to know that.. Like a metaphor of the river flowing, I am on my way nourishing, cleansing and supporting the growth of our higher frequency crystalline light beingness and like the swan, I am full of grace and patience as all unfolds before me in whatever time it needs.. I am so grateful for your clarity and connection and so grateful that I am gaining trust in my journey by this validation from my spirit guides through your capable amazing connection with all the dimensions around us!! I was tingling with connection and tearing up with all the love I felt because they knew they could communicate with me through you clearly… Infinite divine amazing love, light and blessings to you amazing clear conduit, Becc. I highly recommend you for any of us that are in need of clarity of our connection with our divine spirit guides, source aspects and the beings that are here for us on our journey..”
– L. Jewell Johnson

“The extrasensory reading was a great opportunity to learn a number of things about my life and the forces that guide it. We looked at my aura and identified a problem with my heart chakra so that I can now begin the necessary work to heal. I have also been introduced to a number of primary and secondary spirit guides. I was able to discuss with them important questions which they were able to clarify.”
 – Elliot

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