Teachings: The Core Pain

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The Core Pain

Our core pain is the pain of separation.

Our secondary core pain is that we then do not trust in the universe.

All other pain stems from these.

Like leaves and vines they grow from one another.

These which are beliefs.

These which are mutable, changeable.

To change a belief is to remember your Source identity.

To understand that life cannot be separate from you because you are life.

God cannot lose faith in you because you lost faith in it.

In truth you cannot lose this connection to yourself, from yourself.

At the core of pain remedy, it is to remember that we are each a fractal, not a fragment, of Source incarnate.

How do we remember this?

By going inwards and feeling our divine nature within.

By allowing it to guide you and restoring the trust.

It is easier said than it is done. But it is where all paths ultimately lead you.

Because we are called.

To return.

To ourselves.

Like children to the water.

Like night to the day.

All becomes because of one another.

All is an extension only.

Divinity knows no bounds, nor limits to it’s essence.

You encapsulate and exist beyond it.

You are it.

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