Teachings: Raw Midnight Enlightenment

enlightenment process

Raw Midnight ‘Enlightenment’

What if humanity doesn’t need help? (Considering that as truth for a moment). What if everything is flowing as it should? What if it is right that things are so wrong? If I adopt this belief then I will be creating that (the rightness and the peace and acceptance behind that thought of, ‘all the things going wrong are actually right to do so’) even more so. If no one needs help then there is nothing left to do but to offer/experience positive focus or appreciation, which is the basis for all life and is in fact the root panacea of all pain. It also means that I don’t ‘need to be fixed’, ‘healed’. There is literally nothing left to do but positively appreciate. And in that light of love, all that is not a vibrational match will fall away, thus healing all, (should there ever be anything to be healed). Have I found the belief that will heal all negative ones? If one can believe that all is whole and complete as it is…Yes.

Everything is flowing as it should. Nothing has gone wrong. And in that way I am always home, too. (“But what about when things feel bad?”, another part of my mind chimes in) If something feels bad, it is not innately bad, I am believing something about it that causes a negative feeling experience. I am judging or deeming it to be a negative experience based on my feeling which is in actuality literally only the result of an unhelpful thought about the situation. If I change the thought, I change the feeling.”

The Angel Uriel chimes in here (her energy creates this weird ‘pinging’, this small point of vibration, on my left cheek too, I tune in and listen telepathically): “You’re getting it. All things ARE flowing as they should. This is at the heart, the root of your knowing. You ‘know’ what you ‘know’ until it is time to UNDERSTAND more, and that is how it works. In that way you are unfolding at the same pace of expansion as the universe. You are it and in this reflection you can see clearly that it is you.”

My brain just says, “Wow.”

This is what enlightenment looks like. It is this weird thing where you may read spiritual truths and know them, but then late at night or in the middle of the afternoon, or in a second between lunch conversations, your mind finally takes it to an EXPERIENCE of UNDERSTANDING rather than this information that you rationally know about. It is also about holding multiple perspectives and playing around with your current understanding of truth. It is about taking the limitations off of ‘truth’ and letting your mind play with it without restriction. A natural result of this state of openness and playfulness within the mind is that a being comes into a place of allowing. And allowing just so happens to be the vibration that makes one a match to receiving intuitive insight on universal, objective truth or principles.
The next step is to ground these new epiphanies by choosing to adopt them as your latest truth and practising them, consciously implementing them into one’s day-to-day perspective. One can only expand from here.

Ahh, joy.

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