Teachings: On Authenticity

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On Authenticity

This world is calling, bleeding, crying for authenticity because it is the avenue through which we will find our true selves and thus our innate state of, sharing of, embodiment of, unconditional love.

No one will ever feel completely loved if they are not being authentic. They will always feel some part of them (the part that is still hidden behind inauthenticity) is separate from unconditional love. And all the war, all the damage, is the result of emotional pain that is the natural by product of beings who feel separate from unconditional love.

The people of this planet cannot reach unconditional love without authenticity first because as you can see from the above, they are intertwined. The only way that people will know it is safe to be authentic is for teachers like us to speak loud and true about who we are, be our authentic selves and clearly continue to love it, love us. And when I say ‘us’, I mean anyone out there reading this who is practising authenticity.

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