Teachings: Breathe Love

It’s not your feelings that are the problem. It’s the way that you condemn yourself for them. It’s the way that you hate yourself for them. You spend all your time not trusting that what you feel is right and just judging it. You’re bruised but that’s not from the pain of your feelings, but the pain of your own self condemnation and cruelty. What if you are allowed to feel this way? What if you are love and loved even when you feel distraught?

It is possible to hold love in and around yourself when you feel deep loss, trauma and pain. You must wrap yourself in love and let it penetrate the walls of hate around your feelings. Do you feel how you can breathe when you do that? That breath is the breath of love.

If we can hold ourselves with the breath of love wrapped around us, we feel held. And that being held allows our feelings to soften. And that allows us to grow compassion into our wounds. Like a seed of love that we plant into the dark beneath.

Breathe love.

love is you


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