Strange, Beautiful

life walks by itself

down the echoes

out the storm

i heard it whisper

from when i was born:

‘you could be safe here

there is a story to be begun’

but i recall not understanding

the war i am yet to have won




but maybe together

we could find that sunshower rain

and we could walk out of this pain

and maybe together

we’ll grow into the sunrise

oh, those golden glory skies

yellow-orange with quiet snow

that falls sometimes in the midnight glow

what a world of stars we would create

what strange and beautiful weather we could make


i’m the salt marks the ocean has left on your skin

from when you first stepped in

and you’re the coloured breeze in my hair

that dances softly in the frozen air


i think they call this zero point

where we’ve turned this world into the infinite


~ Rebecca Elizabeth Anne
star image


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