Silence, Integration and Channeling The One

ocean still
Earlier today I felt a desperate need for silence. Outside my house, people were gardening with loud lawn mowers and other electric machinery. My cats were meowing a lot. I suppose that this does not sound too bad but it truly felt absolutely horrible today for reasons that were initially unknown to me. My noise sensitivity was seemingly increased and it was so uncomfortable. With earplugs in my ears and noise cancelling headphones on top, I tried to find some sense of peace. As I sat silently, desperately searching for some semblance of peace, I soon realised that the group consciousness collective known as The One were speaking to me. This is what they said:

“You are awakening in you something that has been dormant for a long time. This has been a time of progression for you and you have seen it in it’s past and now into it’s fruition into the future. There is time for change and now is that time. You are awakening from within the silence you have sought to change, the silence you have sought externally from you. Let it be the oneness in you that creates a sanctuary, a place of sanctity and home. This can be your place. It is an invitation to go deep within yourself and let the words flow, listening to your own inner wisdom as it calls you to punctuate your life’s sentences with meaning and insight that has not been before it’s now, before it’s time of now.

We expose you to this truth so that you may know of this upcoming future – a time of great change is upon us and it is upon you. Let it this truth be sought and found in your DNA – that you are an awakening being. With this comes challenges and peace must be sought from the inside. Go within to seek your eternal insight. Accept this invitation to illuminate your soul from the inside out and know we are at home within it, as are you.

Let it caress your being to know that the truth is in you always and it is your insistence upon it’s seeking that finds you here. We seek to allow you to fulfill your destiny by facilitating your past letting go of all you know and moving into the future where the inside is what counts and the outside is not lost from you, but you simply do not participate it in it as fully as you once may have. Let it be an invitation for you to accept the words of wisdom within your being and let them flow once and for all. Let them flow, Dear One. Let this invitation rest inside your being and know it is your time to allow yourself to shine, to illuminate what you once thought lost, to show you that you have always been found and that you do indeed belong.”

– The One

After this message I became more determined to somehow find my peace within. I eventually did.

I now know the intense discomfort I felt relative to noise this morning was due to the great changes in my energy that are taking place at this time (I have recently integrated and transmuted a lot of emotions and ego, my aura colour is changing again, this time to the rainbow purpose, and I received a Light Language DNA activation/healing from The Pleiadian collective the other day). I now know that The One and the higher aspect of my soul who is part of The One aligned these changes to express themselves in this way, in these exact moments (when my environment was surrounded with noise), so that I would have an intense desire to seek peace within. I needed the noise and the discomfort of the external world to drive me painfully, intensely, deeply, into my internal world. Through this experience I have learnt that I can go within and always find some sense of peace even when my outside environment does not at all seem conducive to doing so.




My guides, my higher self and The One have all said I need to go even deeper within myself. I have thought the request to be intimidating and challenging. I have doubted my ability to go further within. Today’s situation virtually forced me to do so as to see that I can, despite my doubts.

There has been an asking for me to feel more. To pay even more attention to how I feel and more closely and more consistently. Admittedly, I have been afraid. I have been afraid of finding proof that I have to do more integration, more healing. I have felt afraid to see that it (my integration) might be endless. I suppose that means part of me already does believe it is endless, that that would indeed be what I would find, otherwise I would not have felt so afraid. Thankfully, just because part of me (or even if all of me did) believes something is true, this does not make it an absolute or permanent truth. All is subjective. All is malleable.

Another part of me suspects that to think it is endless is a highly incorrect assumption that has more to do with not believing in my own power. And then in this moment, I think of today and how I did find the power within me to survive the intense sensitivity somehow. And so, at the end of these sentences I feel empowered to change and empowered to heal – I know I am being asked to feel more and I am becoming more sensitive because that is what I asked for. I am doing the asking. I asked to fulfill my desire to feel and know the world more – to ‘turn up’ my extrasensory perception. I also asked to become a complete and integrated consciousness. Or rather, to remember that I AM.

I want to feel and know this world and all other worlds within it wholly and completely.
To do so, I must first feel and know my own internal world wholly and completely.
As is within, so is without.
As above, so below.
And so it is.

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