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Seeing the aura and non physical energy is different for different people. Your psychic senses are going to (at first) work through what is most natural/dominant to you. Most people have a dominant etheric sense and then as they develop that one, the others start to become stronger.

You can know your aura without seeing it is what i’m saying today.
I think a lot of people don’t realise this and get stuck on thinking you have to be able to ‘see’ to know.
If your natural dominant psychic sense is claircognizance, for instance, you are more likely to ‘just know’ the colour instead of seeing it. You will look at someone and pose the query, ‘What is their primary aura colour?’ in your mind and you will *somehow just know* that it’s Blue. Over time, with practise and your natural growth, the clairvoyance will develop.
Did you know that inner clairvoyance is also definitely a thing? Many people are very clairvoyant, it’s just that their seeing is internal, in what we might call ‘the mind’s eye’. So, whenever you might be practising seeing non-physical energy with your physical eyes, pay attention to your inner vision as well. If you are practising, and you see a flood of green in your ‘imagination/mind’s eye’, that is quite possibly the answer.
I speak from experience here. When I look at people, my inner vision, and just my being really, seems to match their energy with a colour. It is like an internal syneasthesia (it also happens with days of the week, music, etc). When I look at or think about Friend A, I see and feel green in my mind’s eye, yellow when I think about Friend B, and so on. I noticed that this way of processing my world matches aura colours and other non physical energies. I’ve also experienced many times when a friend who is also extrasensory is externally-clairvoyantly seeing a non physical being exactly how and where I am also seeing that being, but I am using my internal-clairvoyance. We verified that we were seeing the exact same. Then there were times where we both saw the same thing externally, and so on. The inner clairvoyance is as valid as the external, and validating and trusting that is often what allows the next development of seeing externally to unfold.

But, if you are wanting to practise seeing in particular anyway, I think one of the easiest things to do is look at a person, or your own hand, or a plant or crystal or animal (something ‘living’), against a white background. As you look, let your eyes kind of soften and become unfocused. You want your eyes to be relaxed and unfocused, like kind of how they can get when you stare off day dreaming, or even when you are kind of tired. Then keep looking. You will start to see a light (that may or may not be coloured) outline around the thing you’re looking at. The light might look like it is moving or breathing, dancing. It might fade a little then light up again, then fade etc. Keep looking. With practise and patience your vision will develop and your eyes will get more used to this new (which is really old) way of seeing. At first you might just see a very thin line of light, like say 1 cm width. With practise and patience, the larger emanation will become visible. You want to be in a kind of chill, relaxed and even playful mode. Not ‘trying’. Trying is a hardened emotional energy that can cause your body and your eyes to strain. Softness is directly helpful to the process of opening up to non physical.

Also, you are not making it up! This is the number one thing that people seem to think/can get in the way. Your imagination is the place for your senses to RECEIVE creation just as much as it is the place to PROJECT creations.

Yes, the mind can get in the way and disturb, but don’t think about that right now. Just have fun, feel, “I’m practising, I’m learning something new!”. Discernment around when the mind is influencing intuitive information can come later, and actually will just truly just become very obvious to you as you practise.
Trust me, you actually WANT to make mistakes so you are from the on able to discern when you’re in flow and when you’re not. I could try to teach you about the difference, but I truly think that actually having that experience is the best and only teacher you will need.

If you find that you really struggle, or it’s okay for awhile and then you seem to suddenly hit what feels like a ‘block’, it is likely you have some trauma/negative beliefs around seeing energy, or stuff you associate with that (e.g. the whole concept of being psychic, or of being sensitive, or of seeing what others don’t). This can make your multidimensional development a bit more of an in depth process, but it doesn’t mean you are blocked. We all can see, hear, feel and know non physical energy, no matter our past or present. Healing only deepens our experience and makes things even more beautiful.

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