Sand in The Wind

I fall fall fall
My life travels all around me
I crumble
And it’s okay

This is the path of the echo
This is the reverberation of who I am
Never ending
Just open

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

Maybe this is freedom – to constantly fall so you are never put back together. You just become sand in the wind. Maybe we’re glued to one end of the spectrum of emotions so we can see and envision the beauty at the other end. Maybe there was just sand in our eyes. More shattered pieces of who we were, waiting to be seen. Maybe we are all just echoes. But together we have a voice. Maybe this is my new. Maybe I lose myself over and over so I can find it in others. And when I do, when I see it in others because I was lost, I will know true oneness, unity. You are me and I love you. And I love the sand that we are together.

sand in the wind


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