Rain Burns

Rain Burns

strangers wander through

they pass and i don’t feel them

but i feel me

and that’s enough

water falls

it’s echoing empty space

but i love the rain

so burn me down

into the rain


fire helps me grow

rain lets me know

it’s safe to come up for air

i am all elements

i am all sounds

i am the source of you

i am the story of me

i am nothing at all

i am everything you know

i sound out everything you don’t

i am infinity

~ Rebecca Elizabeth Anne


I just did an integration with the beautiful spiritual healer/shaman/therapist, Amber Flavia. Amber held space for all of me that ever felt lonely and imprisoned in that loneliness. There was a lot.

I turned pages of stories that spoke of dust and pain. I burned in the loneliness and I came out more pure than ever before.

old self passing

This is the sound of burning rain to me.

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