bamboo rebecca elizabeth anne


What if I was always good?
And the world made me pain
What if the colours of the world
Had always been the same?
What if I painted them blood red
To fit in with the tides?
The great divide
The contrast of me

What if I was always pure
And I never lost my way?
What if there is always fewer
Of us who don’t play the game?
What if I always had my heart
Over on that land by the sea
And I just never knew
That it was always free?

Oh kindness you have rocked me ashore
And I find you sweet and well
Thank you for the gift
Of us surviving hell
Together we create
A once forsaken land
Into art of a star
And new, shaking, aching hands
Oh love of mine
I hold you dear
Thank you for the trust
I no longer fear
Oh aching heart
I love you still

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

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