Pleiadian Teachings: Sadness is a Gift

sadness post

This teaching is channeled from my Pleiadian guides:
(Which is interesting to say because as much as they are my Pleiadian guides, they are also me – aspects of my higher self. I cannot differentiate them from my own soul).

Sadness is a gift.

It lets you notice the things that you care for.
It teaches you what caring is for.
To lose something is to find yourself in it. You move through sadness as patterns of waves and with each rise and fall you lose a part of yourself to it. The part of yourself that is not you is lost to the ocean of sadness. And as it sinks there is both breath and death. But it releases and falls through the sky of you into something greater than yourself.
The existence of life moves all around and through you, even in that which you lose.

Sadness lets you know what is important to you. It teaches you of values, goals and orientation. Where your energy is focused, and where it should be (in the heart of you) focused.
This is the purpose of sadness. All things have a purpose.

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