Personal Channeling

You have many loving, non-physical helper beings quietly guiding and supporting you as you go through each moment of your life. Some are spirit guides, some are angels, some are light beings from other planets, some are elemental beings, some are the higher self. All are part of your loving spiritual family.

Personal channeling is provided as an opportunity for you to receive direct guidance from these beings, through Becc. Through channeling, Becc can connect to your non-physical support ‘team’ and impart their messages of wisdom, insight, hope, clarity and understanding to you.

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Because your non-physical guides exist outside of our dimension, amidst the higher dimensions, they hold a higher, more enlightened perspective about life’s situations, relationships, troubles and joys. Their view point comes from a place of unconditional love and knowing. Because of this, hearing a guide or angel’s words and heeding their advice can be profoundly healing and life changing.

There is almost no limit to what you can ask your unseen guides about. Whatever you are interested in, or want help with in life, they can share wisdom about. You can be very specific and detailed in your questions or you can have no questions at all. These higher light helper beings know what advice is pertinent for you at this time even if you do not. It is perfectly fine to simply ask to receive whatever information will help you best at this time (Becc calls this a ‘free flowing’ channeling).

Some example questions might be:

How can I better align to my life purpose/path?

How can I further attract abundance (in love, in finance, or in joy, etc etc)?

What personal thoughts or belief patterns are blocking me from embracing happiness?

How can I improve my relationship with my family?

What can I do to re-align with physical health and well-being?

What do I most need to know for my highest good at this time?

Anything and everything!

You can be specific about whom you wish to receive guidance from or you may choose to be non-specific, and simply be open to receive guidance from whichever being presents themselves. Whomever comes forward will hold the wisdom you seek.

See FAQ for more information.

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