Loving Awareness

A Loving Awareness session is a time for us to connect and for you to feel deeply heard. It is a time to come together and repair where the bridge between your mind and your heart may have been blocked, damaged or wounded.

Your heart is the place where all love exists. You are utilising it any time you come towards yourself with an attitude of love, non-judgement, understanding and/or compassion (these that are truly inseparable from one another).

By holding heart-centred intention, we work together to illuminate and ultimately heal any shadow, pain or darkness within. We do so with understanding that the shadow has great purpose – to add new dimension to your natural light that otherwise never could have been. Together, we hold space for your shadow to unveil it’s wisdom to us. With this respectful awareness of shadow as teacher, we are able to naturally heal and integrate your shadow and the wounds or pain that lie therein.

“If you want to

Know and feel love that comes from within you

Be more easily able to know and receive love from others and the universe

Regain trust in your divine truth system

Feel safer in connection with others

Just have someone to talk to who gets it

Move through pain with greater ease

Feel heard and seen with compassion and without judgement

Become more aware of Who You Are

Repair your past or present emotional scars

Truly understand yourself and your life

A Loving Awareness session is for you.
You are who I created these sessions for.”

In session, the approaches and modalities that may be used include: compassionate listening, inner child work, addressing unhealthy coping mechanisms, energy healing, challenging and releasing unhelpful core beliefs and thought patterns, insightful questioning, empathic connection, shadow processing/soul retrieval technique (such as The Completion Process), unconditional acceptance, presence, allowing emotion and sensation, subconscious exploration, positive reinterpretation and intuitive listening.

By letting go of unhelpful beliefs about ourselves, the world and others, and replacing painful learned meaning about past experiences with their true message, we allow love to bloom and pain to lessen. We will use the shadow to show us what was learned in the past and to identify what we prefer to believe and know as truth now. This allows us to achieve an integrative approach that ensures inner transformation on both the unconscious and conscious levels of Being. It also means that no part of you is left in the dark. All parts of you deserve compassion and love and to live a life that is free from self judgement and condemnation. By arising to the challenge to love all parts of yourself, you will come into closer alignment with who you really are. Thus, you will begin to create a life that feels more like harmony, fulfilment and happiness and less like chaos and the sensation of feeling incomplete.

Ultimately, loving awareness sessions guide you into greater capacity to love yourself through embracing understanding, as opposed to judgement, and compassion as opposed to cruelty.

Although the remedy is simple, I have noticed that actually allowing love to flow is one of the most difficult and subsequently complex things that humans attempt. If you are even attempting to look at the resistance you hold (the shadow) that makes allowing love or feeling loved (the light) hard for you, I commend you. And perhaps I can be of assistance.


Because of the depth and the vulnerable space that Loving Awareness sessions can bring a person into, I offer free 20 minute introductory sessions to new clients who are considering making an appointment for this service. The introductory session gives you the opportunity to meet me, allowing you to gently connect and ask any questions you may have. It also offers the space for you to explore any concerns, you may have about Loving Awareness or the emotional issues you are wanting to address. I can also explain Loving Awareness sessions, trauma and healing in further depth if you’d like. I believes it is important to offer this session as a means of helping you to feel safe, comfortable and supported before beginning the healing journey of Loving Awareness.

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“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” – Rumi

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