For The Wanderers

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All of my poetry has it’s own sound and colours and epic feelings that go with it.
This poem is quiet and rising.
And gentle and strong.
It’s the sound of whispering because you’re breaking apart at realising how strong you are after feeling so weak.
It’s the sound of thinking you are a tiny star lost in the endless of the black ether, and slowly getting brighter and brighter, and more steady, and then landing on Earth to give yourself to her, and all the other stars like you who don’t know they’re home.
It starts green to yellow to white-gold.
Then light violet, blue, heart red/green, black and white at the same time.
Pink, sky/sea blue, navy blue, sky/sea blue, white, violet, green and final perfect blue.


{Don’t judge us
Walk with us
Don’t choose for us
We did not choose this
Let us walk free
And learn the best parts of me

Engage me
Make me see
That light is always free}

For the Wanderers

I am coursing through the universe
A scattered light
But then I found the Earth
And to her I write

My breath
My death
My child hands back
My pain
That I lack

Because I met myself
On the back of a star
And she told me
“You don’t have to travel far
To see the brilliant light in you
Because I,
I remember you”

And now I’m here
And I listen to the sea
And she is love
She’s always singing to me
That all the salt
Is not my fault
And that what I need
Is the calm I breathe
And salt cleanses
You back to your soul
And the treasure that’s buried in the sand
Is the way that you fall when you land:
Grace learned
Safe earned
Time gone
My song
And beauty in the choice
To finally hear my voice

– Becc



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