How could I have forgotten
Who I have always been?
A child before a woman
Just a daughter beneath the sun

She touches me and I feel her light
Just the soft of her rays and the wish of goodnight
To feel the depth that I once was
Oh, how I will remember myself soon

And when I do recall myself
The people will come from their homes
And say she was the one
Who said we were not alone
Because I am freedom
That can only be found in echoes of the night
I am the dance in the gold halo of the light

Flow, flow
God only knows
I’ll be reminded
So I go, go
Back to the street, the place
Where I was first born

Now my feet walk along sands of no time
They trace paths that are yet to exist
And they say to me that things will be fine
And soon I’ll be closer to convinced

I sing on the shore:
I am the dance
In the gold song of night
I am the light
In the sounds of sight
I am air before breath has begun
I am the branches in trees that belong to no one

From the North to the South
From the East to the West
I will be remembered
I will remember me

~ Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

This is the song of me returning to myself. It is my birth, death and resurrection. For in flow, all of these are one and the same.

flow water image

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