Feel It All

The reason you incarnated here was to be human on every level. Suffering is different to pain. Pain is a pure messenger that transforms. Suffering is the result of not allowing pain, of resisting it.

It is time to admit to why we are here.
We are here to be ourselves on every aspect, every level. We are here to feel ourselves. You cannot exist peacefully in a state of a resistance to any part of you. We love to run from our emotions in today’s human society. It’s time to stop running and time to allow our emotions to be what they were always meant to be…

Our emotions are reflective of the vibration we are currently holding. Our feelings are our energy in physiological expression. A painful emotion is a message that something in your reality does not line up with the truth of who you are. It shows you what needs to be addressed for the future of your greater alignment.

Featured Image: Note to myself for today.


Song for reflection…
We Won’t – Jaymes Young and Phoebe Ryan

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