Extrasensory Reading

Extrasensory readings are provided as an opportunity for you to understand any aspect of yourself or your life from a higher perspective. Extrasensory reading combines spiritual understanding and awareness with guidance and insight.

Within an extrasensory reading I will utilise all of my extrasensory and healing abilities (channeling, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairvoyance, energy healing, empathic ability) as needed.

If you’d like to hear messages from your spirit guides and angels and other higher dimensional beings, I can communicate their words of wisdom and support to you. If you need a listening ear and emotional advice, I can provide a compassionate and spiritual perspective, taking into account everything I sense about who you are as a soul. If you would like help healing from illness or distress, I can transmit healing light language energy to you and discuss the origins of the dis-ease. There are almost endless possible questions or topics that can be discussed and explored. You can even simply ask, “What do I most need to know right now for my highest good?”

Because of my natural ability to connect deeply, I often offer very direct and profound insights that will assist you on multiple levels. An extrasensory reading with me can provide answers to life’s questions like, “Why is this happening in my life?” and “How can I move forwards from this?” It can also be a platform for learning more about your spiritual self with answers to questions like, “What are my spiritual gifts and abilities?” and “How do I discover my life purpose? What am I here to learn?”

Ultimately, the goal of your extrasensory reading is to allow you to learn, grow, expand and heal.

sri yantra

Areas of discussion can include but are not limited to…

Life purpose – your soul’s spiritual goals and lessons

Learn about and/or communicate with your spirit guides, angels and other non-physical helper beings

Illuminating and healing emotional blocks (for deep emotional processing, check out Loving Awareness)

Discovering and learning how to increase your spiritual gifts and abilities

How to further attract abundance (in love, in finance, or in joy, etc)

Revealing/resolving negative thoughts or belief patterns that may be creating problems in your life

How to improve your relationship with yourself or others

Examination of the aura (human energy field) and chakras

Insight on relationships, finance, career or health

Past lives/Akashic Record Reading

Energy Healing via Light Language (see below)

Understanding yourself in any area on a deeper level relative to the past, present or future

About Light Language Energy Healing

Light language is healing energy transmitted as sound in verbal expression. It is the language of one’s soul expressed as healing sound frequencies that bypass the ego and go straight into the energy of a person. In this way, light language is an excellent form of beneficial energy healing or restructuring. Light language can be transmitted in the form of a blessing that may provide healing, cleansing, release and more. Light language can also be used to activate dormant DNA which can encourage the expansion of spiritual gifts, physical well being and more.

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