Every Morning

ocean image

what you do with your sky is your own
shadows reign and light is unknown
and i’ll still keep choosing dawn over dusk
but still i find that i must
ask myself to be painted anew
every morning
every morning

because inside my mind i am a lonely hue
of well written poetry wasted on you
i am owned by what my heart seems to know
all of these things it just won’t show

so i make a plan from it’s hidden door
to let it grow and teach myself more
about the part of my heartbeat that i just can’t hear
that’s been sounded in the clouds of my own fear

but i’ve never known a journeyer quite like me
(and i’m afraid that i won’t still)
who’s capable of seeing all of the beauty
(that i’m afraid only i will)
and i’m always lost in the damage that i’ve been
and i wonder if that’s all they’ve ever seen

rectify me, time
make me brand new
let me get closer
to what i can’t do
a love so pure
life covered in gold
a free kind of cure
that’s infinite to behold
oh, i’ll find this my home
every morning
every morning
every morning

~ Rebecca Elizabeth Anne


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