Emotional Integration (The Completion Process)

The Completion Process is an empowering emotional healing technique developed by spiritual luminary, Teal Swan, that heals and releases painful emotional blockages, dysfunctional patterns and behaviours. The Completion Process combines shadow work and inner child work, resulting in the healing and integration of trauma. The Completion Process is for anyone who wants to experience emotional equilibrium, heal from their past and change their relationship with their emotional system for the better.

The Completion Process itself is much like an emotional rebirth – you are gently guided into a safe space of complete, unconditional presence to fully feel anything that arises or has arisen within you, thus allowing you to no longer suppress, deny or resist your pain. As you move into this powerful space of acceptance, you will find yourself actually giving birth to the the seeds of transformation, personal evolution, freedom and wisdom that your pain has always been offering to you. And the wondrous thing is that you are never alone in this process. You are seen, heard, felt and known. As a trained and certified Completion Process Practitioner, it is Becc’s joy to be completely present with you to help provide an emotionally safe and unconditionally loving space for you to heal and be reborn as that which you have always been – your empowered and beautiful, truest self.

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The Completion Process can facilitate healing for:

PTSD and trauma, eating disorder, anxiety, mood imbalance, addiction, depression, fatigue/lethargy, attachment trauma/relationship dysfunction, chronic pain, health imbalance and much more – anything that is causing you pain, resistance or discomfort in your life, The Completion Process can assist in transforming.

The Completion Process can transform the pain of:

Sadness, loneliness, emptiness, not belonging, worthlessness, terror, purposelessness, self hatred, anger, suppression of the self, boundary violation, despair, fear, rejection and much more. All emotions are valid and the pain they may cause us can be transformed.

“Emotional integration shows us that the suffering we so often experience in our lives is not coming directly from the emotions that may be painful to us, but rather, our learned resistance to them.” – Becc

Teal Swan’s Introduction to The Completion Process:

Introduction to The Completion Process Session (New Clients Only)

Because of the depth and the vulnerable space that Emotional Integration (The Completion Process) can bring a person into, Becc offers free 20 minute introductory sessions to new clients who are considering making an appointment for this service. The introductory session gives you the opportunity to meet Becc, allowing you to feel into her energy and assess whether she is the right facilitator for you. It also offers the space for you to ask any questions, or explore any concerns, you may have about The Completion Process or the emotional issues you are wanting to address. Becc can also explain Emotional Integration (The Completion Process), trauma and healing in further depth if you’d like. Becc believes it is important to offer this session as a means of helping you to feel safety, comfort and support before beginning the healing journey of The Completion Process.

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