Channelings: Asteria and The Pleiadians on Freedom

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“We are moving into a stage of great awakenings. A time of strength and joy that has never been apparent even in the highest stages of Earth time. In all decades of your solar system time has never seemed so new. She is old but she is new. We ask you to connect when you can and remember Who You Are. You are The Child of ‘God’ and you are The Mother, too.

You remind us of us because we were like you. We had many chances and times of great enlightenment in the same way as you now but we did not always foresee it, unlike you.

The times have been awakening you so much. It is become more and more apparent that you are at where you are at – you know where you are.

It is time to let go of archaic views about who goes where and who owns what. Time has never been so new, like a babe born of ashes you must rise and come forwards towards yourselves, or back to yourselves as the case a may be /laughter.

Some voices tell you not listen to your own – not listen to the higher light that resonates in you and stretches to you from the cosmos, from beings such as us and many others who support you on their shoulders. Be wary of those voices who do not wish you good. Instead remember that you are an ever flowing light presence. Let your light shine and do not dismiss it.Do not dismiss the voice you hear in your own ears coming from you and the whispers of spirit and from the birds (and all things that you find beautiful) and from Gaia (the Earth). For all is one.”
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I see visions of government – men in suits shaking hands and agreeing upon deals that are not in the interest of others. The Pleiadians and I ask you to remember: “You are still in control of your own individual reality (which then adds to/creates the collective). Do not bother or contemplate with what others may be doing, seeing or asking. You are the voice of your reality. Reality is entirely malleable. Better yet to remember: your thoughts are the voice of your reality. Your thoughts are literal instruction and so remember to monitor and control your focus.

The governmental types and the archaic type beings who ‘hold power’ do not really. They hold power amidst their own lives, yes, as do you amidst yours. flower quote focus

Align with the timeline where you are embodying freedom. Do this by focusing on the concept of freedom in every thought or every now and then, whatever you can muster. It is a gentle noticing when it comes to manifestation (creating/attracting the things that you desire into your life experience). If you struggle or push and it does not feel right, you are feeling and creating resistance. Instead simply notice your freedom, gently, in your own life. Disregard what does not feel free and in time you will attract more of and then only the freedom you desire. The time is now. The time to awaken is now, to your power and abilities and Who You Are and it begins and starts with you.

– Asteria/The Pleiadians

From Asteria/The Pleiadians to me: “Pleiadians are sent here to do goodwill and what you are doing is exactly what you are meant to be doing.”

I think that’s true for everyone. You are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing.

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