Channelings: Angel Jophiel – Love is the Answer

gold being

The freedom I have felt in being honest about how I feel in each moment inspired me to write the following. Then Angel Jophiel flew into my heart and I had to share her message too…

Being honest with yourself about how you feel in each moment will, at the least, allow you to feel a tiny bit better, relaxed and SAFER to BE in the moment (even when if it hurts). And at the most…such honesty will set you free – freedom through newfound experience of acceptance that you have never felt before, and, via directing you to be with the part of yourself that needs love. Your focused noticing, observation and compassion. Be WITH you in the moment of feeling. Anything other than this does not serve you. And know: it is always about love. If you are in pain, you are in need of love.

“Love is freedom, love is the answer that lives in you. No matter what the stories of the mind may tell, listen to the sounds that come from the heart. Those of peace, tranquility, stillness, these that exist outside of time and space. These murmurings that are not trapped in the moment are here to help you listen deeper to yourself. And in that way you align with your heart, and see that you are one and the same. The heart and you do not separate even in your mind’s own understanding, the story of the way in which things occurred, what they may mean or may not mean to you. Relaxing into the moment is fundamental to your growth, relaxing into the heart is where you can find the growth that has always awaited you.” – Angel Jophiel

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