Channelings: Asteria – The Heart, The Mirror within The Mirror

asteria pleiadian

“The heart is a being that has been here for your entire life. The heart is not separate from you, it is you. It draws you within to yourself to remind you that you are always home no matter where you are. The heart is an ancient, old, wise friend who has been with you your entire life.

The heart does not seek to destroy your fear but rather to embrace it as the child that it is. When you move into the heart you find that you are peace with yourself because of this.

The heart trusts in you as it trusts in itself. And trust is the key, the answer to fear. Trust is what you have needed from this moment – the moment that you were born into this world where safety was not always yours. That was because you did not have the key of trust within the heart to embrace the safety that has always been there.

The heart offers you faith when you cannot find it externally. The heart offers you love when you cannot find it outside of you, outside from others. Even when you feel that it is not coming from your friends know that it is within their hearts to love you as you are, it is simply the times, that moment you have been in for all of this time: the moment of this third dimensional existence that has felt for so long extended and has felt for so long an extension of you. And it is an extension of you but it also designed to re-frame you and withdraw you back into yourself.

The third dimension offers you lessons to learn in order to give birth to hope to give birth to faith to give birth to trust, that which moves you through from the third unto the fourth unto the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is one of faith and it can only be reached through your ascension of the third dimension. And that is the beauty of this place and that is why you have the heart as your friend here – to remind you of the reason that you are here. The heart reminds you of what had thought that you had lost, the heart reminds you of what you see within this mirror, this mirror universe. And what you will see is not a true reflection – it is a reflection of issues that you must work through, yes, but it is not a reflection your absolute self all of the time. That is what the heart is. The heart is your mirror within this mirror. The heart is your home and your hope and when you meditate up on your heart, you draw yourself back into yourself enough to remember that you have always been home.

So, go into your heart. Feel your heart beat. Breathe with it. When you breathe with your heart you entrain the mind into following the heart – the joy of the heart, the bliss of the heart, the peace of the heart…the thoughts of the heart. Yes, the thoughts that come from the heart, the heart has many thoughts within it, it has many neurotransmitters. When you breathe into these you align yourself with them. It is a beautiful thing.

So, go into your heart Dear People, go into your heart and remember who you are. Hold your hand to your heart and say, “I remember” and feel the embrace that has always been there just for you. Feel the embrace that warms your heart everyday, that warms you everyday – that which you have yet to notice. That has been the difference between now and the past. And now is the time to notice where you have always been, you have always been home. Namaste Dear Ones, I love you.”

– Asteria – Pleiadian Ambassador

When I was channeling this I was simultaneously receiving visions. The most prominent one that I remember and wanted to share was this idea of the heart being our mirror within this mirror universe. It is the central portal of light that reflects only our soul. The external world may reflect what we need to work through, both our shadows and our light. The internal world of the heart, she only shines.heart prismatic

The vision I had was of the heart centre spinning as a heart-shaped prism of crystal or glass in the chest. Kind of like this. Let it be a reminder to you that as confusing and painful as this life and it’s reflections can be, when you look inside, you will see the true self – one of clarity and light. Because that is what you are. You are clear light incarnated, experiencing shadow so you may be able to notice the light that you actually are, that which you have always been.

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