solivagant definition

A few months ago I broke a previously held soul contract with my pets for this life time – a contract that said that the way that I would learn about Transition, so as to learn to see into The Ether, would be through my pets continuously dying at young ages – I would learn through the grief and loss.

I sat on my couch crying after my fourth precious baby had just died and after learning this information. Through my tears I spoke to my higher self and my current 2 cats’ higher selves. I said aloud to the air, “If there is a way, a way for us to all to still get to where we want to go, that doesn’t involve you guys dying early, I choose that. Let me choose that. I don’t choose this. I won’t have this. No more. I choose something different. I choose the different path.”

Once I learnt my breaking the contract had worked, I sought clarification and confirmation on how and whether or not I would still get to this place where I learn about transition and I see into the Ether. Azrael (the Angel of Transition) said, “Yes, you will, your gifts are still coming.” But he gave the impression: if the previous avenue of learning was grief, this new one is isolation.

I know that’s why I ended up here at my parents’…isolated.

So now I’m sitting here randomly wondering what is that I next ‘have to do’ within this cycle of isolation, wondering what needs to be learnt or integrated within it. And then my guides tell me, “Nothing. We want you to realise that there is nothing to do.”

Being is the experience or lesson.

Realising that I don’t need healing or ‘fixing’.

My brain (or rather, the ego, who panics at the notion of being still, knowing it will die in the stillness) wonders, ‘but what will I do?’

I allow it but make no effort to answer.

I feel this subtle elation of freedom between my muscles and bones, a relaxation that floats and shines.

“There is nothing that you need to see or become. Everything is perfection. Acceptance.”

“It’s back to the beginning. Back to the start. Now.”

“Redefine who you are.”

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