Becc In Depth

“From birth, I have always been sensitive and ethereal. Growing up, I spent a lot of my time trying my best to suppress the extrasensory perceptions I came in with in an attempt to survive the world around me.  But I could not turn off who I am completely – I remained consistently claircognizant (clear knowing), extremely empathic and even telepathic at times. Growing up with spiritual gifts one is more often than not labeled as simply ‘too sensitive’ instead of ‘intuitive’. Because of my emotional and spiritual sensitivity, my childhood was extremely harrowing.

At age 19 I fell to the absolute depths of myself in a painfully suicidal state – that which I now know to be a time of acute awakening, a heightened imbalance of consciousness that came about as result of the intense suppression of who I truly am all of my life. This dire state of being gave birth to the urgent need to rediscover my true identity, or… die trying.

When you fall to the bottom of yourself…you find things. Here, you are forced to reassess, reevaluate and rediscover. This was one of my most pivotal awakenings and one of my deepest experiences of self-rediscovery.

“This was where I truly found light. In this way, I know for absolute certain the value of perceived darkness.”

From this point in my life, trailing the spiritual path and trying to find alignment became an absolute must. If I did not continue to try to find my natural flow, my natural self, I would fall to the bottom of myself once again and each time I did not know if I would survive it. That is the gift of ‘depression’ and other such emotional periods, those that take such a toll on you that you it becomes absolutely vital, a question of survival, to bring about spiritual and emotional healing and thus maintain alignment to the true self.

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I have come to be grateful for my emotional difficulties. My experiences added to my ability to hold great compassion and empathy for all beings around me. It was only through believing myself to be broken could I be challenged to teach myself to believe that I am not that, and to see the beauty in what can often only be born or uncovered from suffering and pain. I was able to see the truth – that I am much more whole than I ever would have been able to become without the great catalyst that is pain.

Along my path of returning to balance and truth, I rediscovered the extent of my natural extrasensory gifts and over time re-learnt that it is safe for me to use them, and that I can now use them to enact the mission within myself that I never lost sight of – the mission to help others. As such, I now more fully embody who I have been all along – a gifted extrasensory luminary with claircognizance (clear knowing/direct intuition), clairvoyance (clear seeing/the ability to see non-physical energies, visions, beings Etc), channeling (the ability to align my consciousness with another beings’ to the degree that they may impart guidance and healing through me) and more.

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It is such a blessing from Source (All That Is) that my gifts and the aspects of my heart that were once so very disapproved of and disowned (by both myself and those around me), can now be utilised to help others in a way that is very healing, direct and loving.

With each client I learn something new, with each communion of the soul, I learn more about Source within me, Source within others and Source itself… and I always see more to love. This is why I feel it is truly my honour to have the opportunity to connect with others on a spiritual level for their healing and progression on their spiritual path.”

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