As A Star Blooms… How Lovely

flower stars luisbc
Flower Stars by Luisbc

Spirituality, spiritual learning should be fun. If it’s not fun, interesting or peaceful, you are doing it out of a place of resistance.

So in the name of fun and the joy of sharing and expression, here is what I am having fun with at the moment:

I have been communing with my guides and learning about a new (to me) guide and it has been very fun – my Arcturian aspect/guide, Astara. When I connected to her I kept seeing a picture of a pink flower. She told me last night that her name means, “to flower, to bloom… bloom in knowledge, grow in wisdom”. She is/I am a star, blooming. I love it. I also saw soft pink and purples… They represent her. She is the loving, creative feeling of pink, she is the soft wisdom of purple.

I asked her what I can do to increase my ability to see more in terms of physical eyesight clairvoyance, or just for any information to help me with it. She said what I already know but it was good to hear again from her: “to see is to know (trust)” “They are interlinked”. I.e. The more I trust without seeing, the more I will see. I asked, “But what about people who just randomly start seeing (like ‘regular’ people who have no interest in spirituality then start seeing spirits one day)?” Instantaneously I claircognizantly knew the answer – those people… their lack of knowledge means that they don’t hold resistance to not-seeing…thus, they are open to and so do, see. Astara added, “You have formulated a pattern of belief that has created what you call, ‘a blockage’, in this instance.” “It is temporary and not fixed. Listen to your heart (because it is where I lack ego and resistance).” I then asked Astara what I can do to help myself in this current stage of intense resistance and struggle against flow (my life is so weird and uncomfortable right now) She answered, “Loosen the resistance. Do things that feel good to you to do.”

guides notes
Notes with Astara (I can’t draw at all. That is okay. The left eye was an error. Right eye is the right size).

Amidst this conversation, I saw/felt her doing clearing within my heart space. She, for lack of a better way of putting it, shone a white light into my heart space. I then felt such a clearing. I also saw imagery of my DNA with the words, ‘DNA Repair’.

I was super tired so I ended it there and went to sleep. I’m so grateful. I love her (and I love that in loving her, I love me also).

Cool note: I realised the fact that she is currently integrating/braiding within me is why I’m so down with sacred geometry and high vibrational teachings like disidentification and non attachment at the moment. Arcturians are heaps down with sacred geometry and patterns of creation… They speak to the essence of things, they reside in the place/perspective from which all things grow… Oneness, more than anything or anywhere else. They still expand and create but they more do this through the avenue of teaching and adventure (exploration). They love understanding what is new and what is old about this universe and Source itself, all with an honouring that they are Source themselves. They really know it and act as such. I love them for that feeling and deep knowing of Oneness.
Cool note: I just channeled a bit of that.^ I love when I start typing and higher aspect takes over and I just let it flow. Ah, the nature of a conduit. I love that I am sharing this here in this sentence and sharing this gift with such honour and reverence…appreciation. How self loving of me. My thoughts, my heart wonders, ‘Am I getting closer? Closer to the song of my heart. To love… I must be. Oh, how lovely.”

I am a really sensual person. I love things that are beautiful as they feel to my senses. I love music that has depth in it’s sounds but is also very clear. I love colour. I love trees and rainforests for this reason. I love seeing all the shades of green draping over one another. How can there be so many greens? So similar yet so different. They feel so good to my observing eyes. I love dappled sunlight patterns. Dappled sunlight through trees. Dappled sunlight through water. Dappled sunlight is one of my most favourite things. Just leave me in between the shade and sun of green trees and their magical, sparkling, dappled light. I love brightly coloured artwork. I love these things that grace my eyes. As I look at them I feel them and it’s this depth of good feeling I can’t even word properly. I can almost feel it all with my eyes. I love the sound of rain on the roof here. I can hear the moisture and feel it with my ears. I love watching the swirl of the sage smoke. How does it do that? How does it sing across air and become something so new and helpful? I love the ember that burns on the tip of the dried sage leaf and the tiny orange light… it seems to sing as it burns. How does mother sage sing so quietly, silently and yet so powerfully? She commands anything that does not match her frequency to leave her space. She is a queen of grace and self proclaimed power, that innate knowing of sovereignty… I look up to her in that way. I love the scent of my Panda’s fur, the orange of his coat, the yellow of my Rose’s eyes and the grace in her movement (Rose and Panda are my two pet cats). I spoke to Henry (recently deceased pet dog) today and I felt him enclose me in his scent and the way his fur used to feel…and the feeling of kissing him on the head and the deep in the brown pools of wisdom that are his eyes.

A song that touches and enlivens all of my senses:

A mix that enwraps my sensuality in feeling song:

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