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Trauma and Emotional Integration In Depth

When we hear the word ‘trauma’, most of us instantly think of only the most severe cases of it and do not consider that trauma and trauma related symptoms exist on a spectrum and that thus, trauma affects everyone, not just those who return from war or go through other ‘obvious’ forms of traumatic experience. Every one has experienced at least some form of trauma throughout their life, thus everyone is dealing with some degree of post traumatic stress.

Lasting traumatic damage occurs anytime that we experience any emotional or physical experience that we do not know how to/cannot deal with or allow. This damage occurs when our survival system is threatened, emotionally, and/or phsyically. Unfortunately, efficient emotional parenting has been mostly absent in today’s world, thus all of us will have experienced at least some degree of emotional trauma at some point in our childhood. For example:

When a 5yr old child loses their parent in a grocery store (the person they depend on for their survival!) they may feel confusion, despair and hopelessness and grapple with uncertainty as they wonder where their primary caregiver has gone, and if they are ever going to be reunited. That event with those emotions is, to some degree, traumatic and can and often does leave lasting emotional damage.

Another example may be this – when a baby is not attended to when he/she cries, even for only a few moments, that can create feelings of isolation, confusion and desperation within him/her. This baby is only ever crying because it has a need that is not yet met. Being left on it’s own (even momentarily), let alone trying to then process the feelings that have come with the experience alone, can be traumatic for the baby. These feelings of isolation and deprivation can continue to affect the infant throughout their childhood and then even well into adulthood.

When situations like this occur, the child will go through an unconscious process of fracturing their consciousness in order to cope. What this means is that the aspect of consciousness within the child experiencing that event, the 5yr old lost in the grocery store for example, separates from the ‘main stream’ of consciousness. The ‘main stream’ of consciousness is the part of the being that continues to move forward in time – the part that finds mum in the end, goes home and grows up. Meanwhile, the part who was lost, the aspect of that child’s consciousness that fractured as result of the trauma, remains essentially ‘frozen’ in time, existing outside of the main stream of consciousness. From that day on, the child will now have what are known as ‘triggers’ from that event. These emotional triggers follow us into our adult lives as strong emotional reactions that act as consistent messengers. They call us, invite us, towards integration – the process of integrating the ‘frozen’ aspect of self, back into the ‘main stream’ of consciousness.

Perhaps at the age of 30, that same being who got lost in the grocery store when they were 5, gets briefly lost in a mall and separated from their romantic partner. Their emotional reaction to that ‘trigger’ – the experience of once again being lost and separated from their primary attachment figure – will be that very same despair and uncertain confusion they felt when they were 5 (usually unbeknownst to them – unless they understand these mechanics of consciousness, they will likely not see this emotional experience as being the exact same experience they had when they were 5 years old and lost. They will not see it as the reflection of experience that it is, they will consider it to be a direct result of the present day events). This is all because the fractured, 5 year old aspect of their consciousness has been ‘triggered’.

Fortunately, we can use these triggers as emotional points of access to go back in time within our consciousness and reintegrate these wounded childhood selves back into the present day, adult consciousness stream. When we do this, the overt reactions to triggers will cease (because the trigger will no long be a trigger) and we can finally be unhooked from the trauma in our past.

Integration also means that this emotional trauma will stop reflecting in our reality via the Law of Attraction…

The Law of Attraction and Integration

This universe is founded on a few fundamental ‘laws’ that describe the way that energy functions and formulates that which we know as our third dimensional reality. One of those laws is that which is known as The Law of Attraction (sometimes also referred to as The Law of Mirroring).  The Law of Attraction is responding to and affecting every energetic vibration of this universe, including the vibrations that make up your consciousness. Every thought, belief and emotion is a vibrational point of attraction for like situations, events, and people to manifest in your reality. This like attracts like effect of the Law of Attraction is what makes ‘The Law of Mirroring’ a perhaps more apt term for this universal law. Basically, the experiences of your internal world instruct the experiences of your external world. Your life experience is a giant, physical, experiential mirror of whatever is going on within your consciousness.

Because at the highest level, you are an aspect of Source (‘God’, ‘The All That Is’), learning about oneness through separation, and evolving into a deeper version of itself (that’s why you came here to the third dimension – to experience the illusion of separation from Source, so that you could truly conceive of, know and thus eventually re-create the Oneness that you began as, as Source, but with newfound expanded awareness), your consciousness is constantly seeking to reintegrate into its totality, the perspective of Oneness that it once was. This means that we are constantly attracting scenarios in our life that exactly emotionally mirror those first traumatic experiences from our childhood. E.g. If you experienced a trauma when you were 3yrs old where you felt strong feelings of worthlessness and fractured off from the main stream of consciousness, you will find that throughout your life, you attract scenarios that cause you to feel those exact same feelings of worthlessness repeatedly. Perhaps when you’re 12 yrs old, and then again at 19, and again at 30, and so on. The reflection will repeat in your reality as long as it is remains unintegrated because it is a strong point of attraction vibrationally. Every re-experiencing of these emotions through like events is an invitation for the reintegration of that original 3yr old back into the present consciousness stream.

Once we have integrated a traumatised aspect of our consciousness back into the present consciousness, that emotional imprint is no longer a vibrational point of attraction. This means a dramatic shift in reality and life path. You will no longer be a vibrational match to situations that make you feel that exact same feeling. You will instead, as a more fully integrated being, begin to hold a stronger vibrational point of attraction that reflects closer to self love instead of worthlessness, hope instead of despair, acceptance instead of rejection and so on. You will begin to weave a new reality that is, over time, filled more and more with positive experiences that induce positive feeling emotions instead of dominantly experiencing painful reflections of your past.

Not only does the call for integration allow us to be inspired towards and thus find and know our own true nature of Oneness, is is also the avenue through which we each expand and contribute to the growth of this universe. As painful as negative-feeling related experiences can be, it is only through them that we touch evolution. We know greater beauty, greater joy, greater hope, only thanks to our willingness to first experience great horror, great sorrow and great despair. And in this way, all of it is beautiful.

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