Articles: The Real Reason Pets Misbehave

The Real Reason Pets Misbehave

My cat, Panda, walks around meowing at seemingly nothing a lot. He also runs around crazily at random moments for no apparent reason. This behaviour has sometimes driven me insane. ginger cat cute

Panda is an empath. He is extremely sensitive to my and others’ energy. Panda reflects my unmet emotional needs. When he walks around the house meowing, it is usually because my inner child is not feeling taken care of. Panda is my helper in this way.

As an animal communicator, I can tell you there is always, always a valid reason for an animal’s ‘misbehaviour’. And just like people, it is usually not the surface reason we first think of.
This is often why ‘misbehaviour’ continues on and on despite a pet parent’s best efforts towards correcting it.

Our pets want to tell us how they feel but they have no way of verbalising it so they do weird, ‘bad’ things like scratch, bark, act crazy or fight to get our attention, to say, “HEY! One or more of my emotional, physical, mental or spiritual needs are not being met. Please have a closer look.”

Anyone can communicate intuitively with their animals to understand one another better. It’s just practise. In the mean time, if you’re not there yet, you can always order a session from an animal communicator.

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