About Becc

Becc is an extrasensory luminary, spiritual teacher and healer, emotional guide, writer and channel. Becc believes that love is the true reality and most natural state of our being, and that the path of awakening is simply the process of awakening to love itself.

Becc’s teachings and personal sessions allow people from all over the world to find greater sense of self acceptance and love for who they are. Becc seeks to reduce the pain and suffering of others by guiding them into non-judgmental understanding and compassionate embrace of the Shadow self as well as the Light self. This Love centred approach allows all aspects of both the internal Self (personal Self) and the external Self (others and the world) to be and feel quite simply, loving and loved.


“Yesterday someone asked me what I ultimately desire in life. At first, the assumption was happiness. But I said, No, because emotions are like drugs, do you see? If you make the goal happiness, you are always reaching for something. You make your peace in life conditional upon the attainment of that thing. I seek to know peace that is not conditional upon what state I am in.”



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