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Extrasensory Luminary
Spiritual Teacher

Becc is a spiritual teacher of heart centred authenticity dedicated to helping others return to their truest self and to following their heart’s joy. Becc offers teachings and personal sessions that allow people from all over the world to find alignment with their true self, their highest intentions and their natural state of peace and fulfilment.

Due to her innate extrasensory abilities including claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling and empathic ability, Becc is able to deeply connect with others and hold a healing space for their soul’s rebirth. Becc’s understanding into the nature of suffering, and how to not just heal, but also to bloom and evolve from it, comes from her own experiences recovering from the pain of her abusive past as well as her naturally awakened consciousness. It is through Becc’s own journey of healing and learning to integrate the true self that she has been gifted the awareness of how to help others do the same.

As a clear conduit channel, extrasensory luminary, emotional guide, spiritual teacher, certified Completion Process Practitioner, medium, writer, energy healer and poet, Becc offers a range of services and materials that are available worldwide.

“What I want people to get is that, really, no, you do not want happiness. You don’t. You want to know peace. You want to not have to strive for happiness anymore. What if you didn’t need it? That state exists. Did you know that? It’s this thing that, for me, the closest word to describe it, is ‘peace’, or ‘wholeness’… A state of being fulfilled by just your own existence… But really… such a state is ineffable. It is something that resonates as love, and that is it.” – Becc

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About Becc – In Depth

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