Becc is an extrasensory luminary, spiritual teacher and healer, emotional guide, writer and channel. Becc believes that Love is the sole essence of All that Is, and that the process of awakening is simply the process of realising and embodying this Love.
Becc’s teachings and personal sessions allow people from all over the world to find greater sense of self compassion, acceptance and ultimately love for who they are, and the life they create.

“Love is like an Element, the foundation of all, but it is even the core of all Elements.”


becc crystal teacher

“The illusion of the absence of love is actually the gift of your soul. It is a path to eventually know you deeper and to be even more than you’ve ever been. The path of the human is, for this reason, one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen or known.”


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“I remember when I was little. I remember thinking, ‘We all just need love. We just need love.’ And I believed in the power of love wholeheartedly, no matter what happened, a part of me never stopped believing that. ‘I just know it, I just believe in Love’, I would think. And now, as an adult, I did it. I used love to heal myself. And I found what I knew to be true – it was all that I needed. When I intentionally gave love to myself, compassion flooded my being, and awareness also. The awareness that Love is the only truth. And the awareness that the only wound, illness or any kind of dysfunction that any being ever has had, or can have, is a lack of love. Because it is our base Essence. And we are sick without it. We are simply unwell. And so, to me, compassion, love, these things are deeply powerful, absolute elixirs, medicines and panacea. Love is everything. It is not trite or cliche. It is the most powerful thing you will ever touch, let alone remember that it exists inside you,and that you have had access to it all this time, and will do so forever. It will begin in you with compassion. And it will end in unity. Unity within the self, unity with the universe, with others. These that are all also unity with Love.”







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Compassion – Purity – Luminary – Peace – Love Emissary

‘Luminary. Noun. -A natural light giving body, especially the sun or the moon’.


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